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Ameritop Roofing Contractors was established by Richard Linville, a lifelong North Carolina native. Since opening, we have cultivated a strong and trusting customer based due to our unmatched work ethic, customer service, workmanship, and practical, longstanding solutions to your roofing problems.

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AmeriTop Roofing Contractors is a homegrown roofing company founded in 2015 by owner Richard Linville. Richard has built a company that offers ALL roofing solutions to any problem your roof my encounter, accompanied by up to date products and installation methods AmeriTop Roofing Contractors is dedicated to proficiency and practicality in the roofing industry.


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Great Attention To Detail

We Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Roofing System Of Each House

Despite some common misconceptions about roofing, roofing is a highly detail oriented craft. We have mastered the roofing craft all the way down to the smallest details. Even the smallest discrepancy in your roofing system can cause serious damages and leak issues. We study each and every nail along with over 100 other inspection points on every roofing project and estimate we do.

We’re Specialized In The Management Of Shingle Roofing & Specialty Roofing Projects

Rubber roofing otherwise known as “membrane roofing” or “multiply roofing” is a highly specialized and complex style of flat and commercial roofing and waterproofing that you NEED a professional for. Most DIYers and homeowners quickly find themselves in a troublesome situation when trying to tackle these projects alone. These projects require extreme experience and attention to detail. We install and maintain these systems daily.

Roofing repair is common for us. We repair roofs for local homeowners and business owners alike, daily. we also offer warranties on repair work and not just replacements

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