Roofing Repairs

Say Goodbye to Your Leaky or Damaged Roof

Choose us for roofing repair services all around the Reidsville & Eden, NC area

If your roof has a leak, a bare patch or damage from a recent storm, let the experienced team at AmeriTop Roofing Contractors provide quality roofing repair services. Choose us for residential or commercial roof repairs in the Reidsville & Eden, NC areas. You can trust us to repair any type of roof, including shingle, metal, rubber or flat. Our roofing repair services come with warranties on both our labor and the reliable roofing products we use in our work.

We are often asked how much a roof repair will cost, but that's difficult to determine without assessing your roof first. We'll send our team for a thorough inspection, where we'll either use our drone or have a professional walk your roof. After that, we'll suggest a fair price for your roofing repair service and work with your insurance company to help you get the payout you deserve. Reach out today to get a free in-person or over-the-phone estimate.

Signs You Need Roofing Repairs

It's not always possible to get an up-close look at your roof, but there are still signs you can watch out for. Turn to us for roof repairs if you notice:

Curling, cracking or missing shingles
Shingles that appear to be dark, dirty and/or wet
Granules in your gutters
Wear and tear around chimney, vents and/or piping
Blistering and/or peeling paint on your home's exterior
Stains on your walls and ceilings
A leaky attic following heavy rainfall
A sagging roof deck
Light coming in through the attic
A sudden spike in your utility bills

While none of these definitely mean you'll need roof repairs, even one warrants a call to a reputable roofing contractor, like AmeriTop Roofing Contractors. Contact us today to get reliable roof repairs from an expert with over 15 years of experience.